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How to buy

How to buy 

Step 1: Add product to cart 

You can indicate how many pieces or items you want, and by pressing "ADD TO CART" product will be added to the cart with the quantity you want.

Also, you can chose from options "color , size , etc...". 

Step 2: View Cart 

By clicking "View Cart" you can view all product's detail "Model , Quantity , Price , etc...".

Step 3: Login / Register 

Before you pressed with Checkout procedures, you have to  register a new account or if you have already registered account then you can continue by login.

Step 4: Billing address

Billing address is were the bill will be revived and it defines whom to pay the bill.

Step 5 : Delivery address 

Delivery address is were the order will be shipped and it can be different from the billing address.

Step 6 : Shipping options 

Based on the location, the system display the possible options to ship the orders with the shipping fees.

Step 7 : Payment options 

You can chose the most suitable payment option for you and we offer "Cash On Delivery" only in Muscat. Otherwise, all other payment options are secured and safe.

Also, you need to read Terms and Condition and agree to it by clinking the "Tick" and CONTINUE.

Step 8: Confirmation 

Before approving the order, you have to confirm that all details provided is correct. And THAT'S IT. ^.^