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Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W

Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
Thunder Laser Nova-35 Laser Cutter / Engraving machine 100W
3,340.000 OMR
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  • Model: NOVA-35100
  • Weight: 460.00kg

Thunder Nova-35 Laser Cutter

Thunder NOVA laser cutting machine has all the best functions, such as a hybrid servo motor, with high resolution and excellent engraving quality to achieve higher cutting and engraving results. Meanwhile, it is also convenient and friendly in the design user interface. This medium size laser cutter can be equipped with an 80W or 100W laser.

Main features:

 Hybrid servo motor
1000mm / s speed for engraving photos, super smooth vector cutting quality.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter stepper motors

 Intelligent control board
Smart board is used for automatic operation of exhaust fan, warning lights, energy saving mode, etc. It is developed and designed internally by Thunder Laser. It can automatically control the switch of the exhaust fan according to the needs of project.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter control board

 Laser software
RDWorksV8 laser software has a variety of functions, users can put files in multiple formats into the software and settings.
 We also include LightBurn License with the machine – this is one of the most popular laser cutting software.
RDWorks laser cutting software

 LCD panel
Users can also control the laser engraving tools through the LCD panel, such as: lifting the work platform up and down, autofocus, moving the laser head, setting the origin point, changing the speed and adjusting the power, etc. In addition, users can use the LCD panel to preview working paths, estimate working hours, and change parameters.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter control panel

 Nova system autofocus
The laser beam will focus during operation. The smaller the laser beam, the better the performance. The autofocus adjusts the table hight to ensure the best distance between the material and the focal length lens, saving time for cutting and engraving.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter auto focus sensor

 Electric table
Press the “Z-axis” mark on the control panel, the table can be moved up and down. It is very convenient when cutting and engraving large-size objects such as wooden crates. It can also engrave on curved objects using rotary axis accessories.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter Z axis

 Honeycomb platform
The honeycomb platform allows the laser beam to pass through the material, improves the work efficiency and reduces the reflectivity of the laser to the material. Dust will be discharged directly from to bottom, reducing the impact on the finished product, and suitable for processing leather, cloth, paper and other materials.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter honeycomb table

 Aluminum grid platform
When you need to cut 20mm acrylic or wood on a CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine, the aluminum grid platform can adjust the density of aluminum blades according to the size of the object, so that the object is suspended to reduce the effects of laser table reflection.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter grid table

 3D engraving
The laser software can adjust the laser power according to the gray level of the image to achieve different sculpting effects, making a 3 dimensional engraving.

Thunder Nova-24 3d laser engraving sample

 Laser cutting
The laser cutter can set different focusing distances, such as for PET and acrylic; use the software to set different parameters for the layers, and easily cut the file.

 Parameter database
Thunder Laser software has a parameter database that can easily save different values for various materials. When you want to process the same material next time, you only need to download the saved parameters directly from the database.

RDWorks laser cutting materials parameters

 Multiple color layer mapping settings
Set different parts of the design as different color layers, and set the cutting speed and power for each layer as needed. Therefore, no matter how complicated the graphics are, you can complete the processing once through the layer settings.

RDWorks different processing layers

 Infrared indication of Nova system
Red laser indicators help you know the exact laser position before cutting and engraving.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter red dot

 High-quality laser tube
Each laser tube must pass stringent quality tests before it can be installed in a Thunder laser cutter. Tube lifetime is around 4000 hours.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter CO2 glass tube

 Focal length lens
The laser uses a ZnSe focusing lens. All Thunder laser cutters use a convex lens to focus the laser beam into a smaller, high-energy spot.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter lenses shapes

Thunder laser cutting machine uses molybdenum mirror as the standard mirror of laser cutting machine. Molybdenum mirror can reflect high power laser beam, which is very durable even in harsh environment.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter reflection mirrors

 Connection method
Can be connected to a computer via an internet cable or USB.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter connectivity

 USB disk interface
Save the parameter settings calculated in the software to USB, connect USB to laser cutter, and start the job.

Thunder Nova-24 USB stick

 Custom origin
The starting point can be customized via the LCD control panel.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter origin point

 Large capacity temporary storage space
Equipped with 128M buffer memory and can store up to 99 files. When used with USB, the laser engraving machine can be used even without a computer.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter on screen file selection

 Emergency stop for Nova system
In order to avoid danger in the event of a laser machine failure, all Thunder laser processing machines are equipped with emergency stop switches.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter emergency stop button

 Nova Security System
If the upper cover is opened while the laser cutting machine is working, the machine will stop immediately and restart after closing the upper cover to protect the safety of the user.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter door sensor

 Water protection switch
If the water cooling system stops flowing or the water pressure is abnormal, the system switch will issue a warning and stop the laser cutter to ensure the safety of the laser tube.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter water chiller connection

 Nova system working status warning light
When the machine is not working or the cover is closed, the light is green; if there is any problem the warning light is red.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter light indication

 Standard laser head
Suitable for cutting materials thinner than 10 mm, it is the most common standard equipment, and a standard accessory for each new Thunder Laser CO2 laser cutting engraving machine. But a special laser head is also included to cut thick materials.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter standard head

 Nova system slide
Accurate positioning of key systems, even at a resolution of 1000 dpi, the slide rail system still provides clear, clean images.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter rail slide

 Silent cooling fan
The low-noise cooling fan allows users to operate the laser processing machine in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter cooling fan

 Transmission belt
Thunder Laser laser cutting machine adopts Kevlar transmission belt, which has stable performance, long service life, wear resistance and durability. In addition, it has less distortion during work, so it can improve the quality of laser engraving.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter belts

 Water cooling system
A large amount of heat is generated when the laser tube is operating, and a cooling system must be used to protect the laser tube.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter CW-5000 water chiller

 Intake compressor assist
Air jet prevents objects from overheating and burning during cutting.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter air compressor

 Exhaust system
The exhaust fan system can discharge mist and dust in time to ensure that the finished product and the inside of the laser cutter are clean.

Thunder Nova-24 laser cutter exhaust fan


If your material is not in the below list, our Applications Team would be happy to assist you to test it.



Mat Board

Wood Veneer
Anodized AluminumX
Painted MetalsX
Coated MetalsX
Stainless Steel*X

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