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 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor TCRT5000L
2-3 weeks
5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor TCRT5000L5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor TCRT5000LHigh-Quality Tracker SensorThe module is a convenient carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver pairs evenly paced.Distance between each IR Sensor: 15mmUses 5 sensors..
1.500 OMR
Product Description:1. On-board micro-precision current transformer2. Onboard sampling resistor3. Modules 5A can be measured within an alternating current, the analog output corresponding to 5A/5mA4. Rated input current: 5A5. Rated output current: 5mA6. Change: 1000: 17. The linear range: 0 ~ 10A (1..
0.500 OMR
 MQ-136 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection Sensor Module
1-3 Days
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a colorless gas popular for its pungent rotten egg odor at low concentrations. Hydrogen sulfide is produced in several industries like in Oil and gas refining, Mining, Pulp and paper processing, tanning, etc. However, it is harsh for humans at moderate or low concentrations..
13.000 OMR
Descriptions:When soil moisture is below the set humidity, the relay will automatically pull start the spray, pump, do humidifying action. It will stop automatically when it reaches the set humidity.Applications:By adjusting the soil moisture threshold value on the potentiometer, you can automatical..
1.600 OMR
Product DescriptionThe thermopile sensor uses a Si-based chip and carries a radiation sensitive area, which ishermetically sealed into a metal housing, with an infrared filter of 5-14u. The thermopile outputsignal is direct proportional to incident radiation power largely independent from the wavele..
5.500 OMR
Power600V - 16AAC frequency50/60 HzTRIACBTA16 - 600BIsolationOptocouplerLogic level3.3V/5VZero pointLogic levelModulation (PWM with trigger)logic level ON/OFF TRIACSignal current>10mAEnvironment:For indoor and outdoor useOperating temperatures: -20°C to 80°COperating humidityDry environment onlyR..
9.600 OMR
Module Features:1. Can detect the flame or the wavelength at 760 nm to 1100 nm range of the light source,the test flame lighters distance of 80cm, the larger the flame,the greater the distance test.2. The detection angle of 60 degrees, the flame spectrum particularly sensitive.3. Sensitivity adjusta..
0.400 OMR
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