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Module Features:1. Can detect the flame or the wavelength at 760 nm to 1100 nm range of the light source,the test flame lighters distance of 80cm, the larger the flame,the greater the distance test.2. The detection angle of 60 degrees, the flame spectrum particularly sensitive.3. Sensitivity adjusta..
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Functional DescriptionThe QTR-8RC reflectance sensor array is intended as a line sensor, but it can be used as a general-purpose proximity or reflectance sensor. The module is a convenient carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver (phototransistor) pairs evenly spaced at intervals of 0.375" (9.525&n..
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Feature:Chip: TCS230Input voltage: DC 3V-5VOutput frequency voltage: 0 ~ 5VUse bright white LED lightscan be connected directly with MicrocontrollerStatic detection of the measured object colorBest detection distance: 10mm..
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Feature:1. Using infrared reflective sensor TCRT50002. The detection distance: 1mm ~ 8mm apply focal distance of 2.5mm3. The comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA.4. With a multi-turn precision potentiometer adjustable sensitivity adjustment5. The working vol..
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